Indian Music Ruling Independence Day

It was an evening of Indian classical music showcasing its roots as well as the lighter genres.The audience present in Commits auditorium in HSR layout thoroughly enjoyed the music and dance over 4 hours.

Omkar Music Academy led by their internationally acclaimed Guru Pt.Iman Das, performed Raag Bhairav sang by young promising disciples Arpit and Sourav, who also sang two bhajans. One of the highlights of the event was the young lady disciples of Das who mesmerized with “Colours of Yaman”, the Raag,ghazal, Bhajan & Bollywood song all based on Yaman stole many hearts.The singers were Ashmita Chatterjee, Pritha Bhattacharya, Dr.Madhumanti Chatterjee, Megha Nandurkar, Chaya Kumar.Pankaj Munje on tabla.

Next was Dr.Nabanita Choudhury from Delhi who sang Raag Rageshree, vilambit in ektaal and madhyalaya teentaal.She was true to her Benaras style of badhat and was very ably accompanied by Shri Partha Mukherjee on tabla.

Noopur Bharagav, a rising kathak exponent showcased her twelve students Urmimala Saha,Mamta Rani Patnaik,Shabnam Chhetri, Priyanka Priyadarshini Roy,Masum Mohanty,Prabisha Jaiswal,Sareeka Sahu,Saranya Srinivasan, Roopa P C, Sreekavya Muraleedharan, Sujata Gupta, Reshi Mishra who performed beautifully. Noopur herself provided the bols and toras while Pankaj Munje accompanied in the tabla.

The stellar performance of the evening was by Iman Das’s Shringar conducted by Pt.Iman Das himself. He started with two bandanas one of Saraswati & the other his own composition ” Anand Karo” which was accompanied by Bharatnatyam dance by Guru Snigdha Sinha and her disciples Mona, Priyanka, Laya,aarti.It was very well received by the audience.Noopur bhargava joined next with Iman Das as they gave an amazing performance for “dhiraj dharie radha” in Raag Chandrakauns. Next was a Punjabi folk song by young talent Shatabdi Das who sang with ease and perfect diction.Iman’s disciple Dr.Roshni Jhan Ganguly joined for a duet of “aoge jab tum” & Iman’s own composition “deewana shyam” beautifully choreographed by Snigdha & Noopur together.The best performance of the evening came from Iman with his unique composition “Toxic Sargam” a sargam based composition with Cajon & keyboard that made the audience clap throughout. Next Moumita sasmal joined in Mohiniattam & danced gracefully with ” vatapi ganapatim” which was joined later by Noopur in kathak with the Hindustani version of Hanswadhwani in “lagi lagan”. Dr. Madhumanti Chatterjee, another promising disciple of Das, joined his guru to sing a duet ghazal ” ankho se batein Kare”.This performance was made many of the audience emotional.Shatabdi Das then sang a rare folk song of Bengal with which Snigdha Sinha gave a unique folk dance performance.Shringar was ably supported by Dhyan on Cajon, Raj on keyboard and Pankaj Munje on tabla.

The whole concert was hosted very gracefully by RJ Swagata who is a teacher in Commits Institute of journalism apart from being a celebrated radio jockey originally from Kolkata.

All the artists sang together & dancers joined hands to end a mesmerizing evening with Vande Mataram.

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