Exclusive Unseen Photos of Indian Actress & Model Shilpa Das : Set-1

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Shilpa Das, basically a Software Engineer, but active as an Indian Model, and an aspiring actress! She is well versed with languages such as English, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi, and very keen to be a Multilingual Star.

Shilpa Das started modelling in 2017, has done various print ad shoots, TVCs, ramp walks, ecommerce shoots, hoarding shoots, catalog shoots, and a lot more. She has shot for Dell Laptops, Wedding Dzire, Amazon, Azar, Samyakk, MN Fashions, Dhanalaksmi Stores, Happy Creations and a lot more. She is known for saree modelling, and has shot for various saree brands.

In 2018, Shilpa Das was crowned South India Queen 2018 1st Runner Up, South India Queen Kerala Winner, South India Queen Best Cat Walk, and South India Queen Beautiful Hair.

All that she wish for is someday she could be an inspiration to the people in the society and have been working hard for the same.

Priyanka Chopra has always been her inspiration and has always admired her. Always having a passion towards the fashion industry from her childhood, she has now been able to be a model and she is really proud of what she could achieve till date and have always been striving to achieve bigger in what she do.

Shilpa Das says, I believe in the quote “Work Harder, Dream Bigger”. I have always been an ambitious girl and I will continue to work hard and achieve my goals. All that I wish for is, one day I would be able to contribute to the society in a bigger way and help all the poor and the needy people and also educate the girl children in the rural areas who lacks education.

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