Know More About The Debut Audio Album Of Upcoming Musician Chinmaya M Rao

It Was The Ever First Devotional Album On Varadapura Sri Durgamba !   

Music-Lyrics And Rendered By : Chinmaya M.Rao

English Commentary written by : Neela Murthi,Bangalore



An Ineffable Soul Omkara Roopini was the Ever first Devotional Album on Varadapura Sri Durgamba which was released in 2004 in Goddess Durgaamba Devi Temple Varadapura/Vaddalli of Sagar Taluk, Shimoga District.

It was the debut (very first) album of upcoming Musician Chinmaya M.Rao. It was released by his own small audio company called Manaswini Audios in the beginning and later it was taken and released by the reputed audio company of India that is Lahari Recording Company. As it became more popular, after 6 years Lahari Recording Company released the Video Album Dvd of the same with visuals of same Durgamba Temple. The top South Indian Actress Vinaya Prasad performed as anchor for the same Video album.

Chinmaya Rao the devotee of this Goddess, himself written in Sanskrit and composed and sung for this album. He also the devotee of Sri Sreedhara Swamwwji mentioned on the top of album cover as “ With the devine inspiration and blessings of Bhagavaan Sadguru Sri Sri Sridhara Swaameeji” .

Chinmaya Rao feelings Regarding This Album

“Deep in the ocean of devotion,

High in the sky is my destination,

To find you in each soul of earth;

Holy mother as the centre of inspiration,

My soul to merge with you,

to light my soul with blessings of thee”.

The name of this “Goddess” connotes truth and pleasure.

One who sends showers of joy everyday.

She floats in the aura of music.

She motivates our soul to do good deeds.

She is too great for description in words.

The Goddess is out of imagination.

One thought about her perks us up.

She stays in the core of our worshippers’ heart.

Her jovial mood peaks when she is submerged in “Silence”.

She is the reflection of our wellbeing.

*Invisible almighty thou

People believe and live

Nobody i see praying thou

Everybody begging for some or the other thing

Are you there?

hearing me?

Why aren’t you lifting me

from this dungeon of life?

Everybody must become your devotee

One or the other time in life

You don’t want to be great

Make me and my life great.


Music Director, Poet and Singer

of “An Ineffable Soul”




Keyboard-Snageeth Thomas

Rythm pad-Pramath



Sarangi-Fayaaz Khaan

Tabla-Satyamurthi and V.S.Kulkarni

Chorus-Supriya and team

Orchestration-Mohandas Trisure

Recorded at-Shravan Studio Bangalore

Sound Engineers-Vishwa and Chandru.

Special Co-operation : Vidwaan S.Naarayana Bhat,Shimoga

Ramesh Chandra,Srinivas Anche,Vinay Kanugodu, Chethan Nadahalli,.

Intoductory words : Sriharsha K.S

Introduction Speach: Dr.Jay Kumar,Bangalore



1-Omkaararoopini Sathyaananda swaroopini

Nityaananda Pradaayini Gaanaananda vihaarini

Manaswinee Hamsini Varadaapura nivaasini

Shreedhara Guruvaradaayini Dhyaanaananda vihaarini

Embodiment of Omkara, bodily form of bliss of truth,

Giver of happiness always, wanderer in the realm of music,

Self-willed , resplendent,dweller in the city of Varada[Giver of boons to the bowed]

Gifted by Sridhara Guru, who enjoys the realm of knowledge.

2-Omkaararoopini Madhuragaanaswaroopini

Madhuravaanipradaayini Madhuraananda Vihaarini

Manaswinee Hamsini Varadaapura nivaasini

Madhuranaada Sanchaarini Madhuraveenaavinodini

In the form of Omkara,and bodily form of sweet music

Giver of sweet singing ,enjoyer of sweet music

Self-willed,resplendent,dweller in the city of Varada[Giver of boons to the bowed]

Wanderer in realm of music,enjoy the sounds of Veena

3-Omkaararoopini Niraakaaraswaroopini

Amithaananda Vidaayini Bhakthisaagaravihaarini

Manaswinee Hamsini Varadaapura nivaasini

Paavanee paapanaashini Shaanthaanandavihaari

Omkar form ,with no form exist! Giver of boundless happiness,

Enjoy the ocean of devotion

Self-willed , resplendent, dweller in the city of Varada[Giver of boons to the bowed]

Holy, who takes away the sins roam in the realm of peace.

4-Omkaararoopini Dakshinaamoorthiroopini

Mukthimaargapradaayini Aanandaroopadhaarini

Manaswinee Hamsini Varadaapura nivaasini

Arishadvargavinaashini Bhakthibhaavapradaayini

Omkara form ,in the form of Dakshinamurthy of knowledge,

Who leads to the path liberation,

Who was the form of happiness or bliss

Self-willed,resplendent,dweller in the city of Varada[Giver of boons to the bowed]

Who takes away the arishadwarga,(evil thoughts) giver of the bliss of devotion.


5-Omkaararoopini Sindhubindhuswaroopini

Lokaanandavidaayini Shaanthasaagaravihaarini

Manaswinee Hamsini Varadaapura nivaasini

Varnaatheetharoopini Bhaavaanandavidaayini

Omkar form,in he form of a dot of the ocean,

Giver of happiness to the world,

Who dwells in the ocean of peace

Self-willed,resplendent,dweller in the city of Varada[Giver of boons to the bowed]

Indescribable, gives bliss for emotion.

6-Omkaararoopini Aadhishakthiswaroopini

Aathmashakthipradaayini Vijayaanandavihaarini

Manaswinee Hamsini Varadaapura nivaasini

Niraadhaaraa niranjini Mahaanandhapradaayini

Omkar,form in the form of Adhishakthi,

Giver of self reliance,

Enjoying the bliss of Victory

Self-willed,resplendent,dweller in the city of Varada[Giver of boons to the bowed]

Support less steady, gives exquisite bliss.

7-Omkaararoopini Mahaashakthi swaroopini

Mahaanandapradaayini Mahaamaayaavilasini

Manaswinee Hamsini Varadaapuranivasini

Kalpanaatitaroopini Kalpanaanandadaayini

Omkar form, who has the form great shakthi,

Giver of great bliss, Enjoy the illusion or maya,

Self-willed,resplendent,dweller in the city of Varada[Giver of boons to the bowed]

Beyond imagination ,giver of unimaginable happiness.

8-Omkaararoopini Chinmayaanandaroopini

Shankaraguruvaradaayini Nayanaanandavidaayini

Manaswinee HamsiniVaradaapuranivasini


Omkaar form,who has the form of bliss of mind,

who has blessed Shankara Guru,

Giver of happiness to the beholder,

Self-willed,resplendent,dweller in the city of Varada[Giver of boons to the bowed]

who give happiness which is holy,

with form , without form who exists.

9-Omkaararoopini Paranjyotiswaroopini




Omkaar form,who has form supreme light or who mover in the form of line ,

Who shines in the feelings of Raagas[musical scales],Who enjoy the entire cosmos

Self-willed,resplendent,dweller in the city of Varada[Giver of boons to the bowed]

who roam in the forest of silence ,who dwells in the heart of a devotee.

10-Omkaararoopini Swaraanandaswaroopini

Swaragaanayoogadaayini Jeevaswarasancharini

Manaswinee Hamsini Varadaapuranivasini

Sageetayoogadaayini Geetasaagaravihaarini

Omkaar form,in the form of bliss of music,

Gives blessings in the in the form of music,

Self-willed, resplendent , dweller in the city of Varada[Giver of boons to the bowed]

Moves in the main time of life giver of Sangeeta Yoga,enjoy the bliss of music.

11-Omkaararoopini Saamaganaswaroopini

Geetaanandavilaasini Aayuraarogyadaayini

Manaswinee Hamsini Varadaapuranivasini

Vedanthavanaviharini Keerthanaanandadaayini

Omkaar form ,in the form of Saamagana ,

Enjoy the bliss of Music,

Giver of health and age ,

Self-willed,resplendent,dweller in the city of Varada[Giver of boons to the bowed]

who roam in the forest of Vedanta or philosophy, enjoy the bliss of Classical songs.

SONG-2-VANDHEHAM SHAARAADAAM -Commentary By Neela Murthi

Vandeham SharadaamVandeham Sharadaam

Vandeham Sarvadaa Vandeham Sarvadaa

Antharangavasini Antharathmaranjani

Vidyaanandaroopini Shreevidyaavahini-Pallavi

I bow down to Shaarada,I bow always, I bow always.

1-Vedaprasaarini Veenavilaasini

Aanandavasini Bhavaroogahaarini

Vaahini Vaahini Shreevidyaavahini

Who dwells of the heart, who enjoys the bliss of peace.

In the form of Vidya,giver of vidya.

Spread Vedas,enjoys the sound of Veena a classical music string instrument,

dwells in bliss,takes the disease of ignorance flows,flows,flows the SriVidya i.e,rich knowledge

2-Shreeraagaroopini Sangeethavasini

Gaanasancharini Vedanthavasini

Vaahini Vaahini Shreevidyaavahini

In the form of Sriraaga (knowledge of truth) dwells in good music,roams in music,dwells in Vedanta carrier, carrier ,of Srividya.


1-Varadaayini Shubhakaarini


Bhuvaneshvari Deevi Bhuvaneshvari

Aanandadaayini Mam palaya

Giver of boons, giver of good things

Who roams in Sridhara

Queen of the Worlds, Goddess Bhuvaneshvari

Giver of happiness,protect me.

2-Narayani Narayani


Rajeshvari Rajarajeshvari

Aanandadaayini Mam palaya

Narayani (mother of mankind)

Srichakra Rajeshvari,Rajeshvari

Protect me.

3-Karunakari Karunakari

Shreerajarajeshvarii Shankari

Kaarunyaroopini Shreeshambhavi

Aanandadaayini Mam palaya

In the form of karuna or kindness


Embodiment of Karuna,

Protect me.

4-Bhayahaarini Bhayahaarini


Abhayaswaroopini Shreebhyravi

Aanandadaayini Mampalaya

Who takes fear in my mind,

Who wonders in the Srichakra

Fearless form, valiant

Giver of bliss, protect me.

5-Praneshvari Praneshvari

Shreerajarajeshvari Shankari

Manthraswaroopini Shreeranjani

Aanandadaayini Mam palaya

Protector of life,

Supreme Goddess

Creator of mantras, enjoys in the Sri or knowledge

Giver of bliss, protect me.

6-Kathyayini Kathyayini


Shivashankari Shivashankari

Aanandadaayini Mam palaya

Kathyayini, remover of grief

Who roams in the forest of Srichakra

Pure and better half of Shiva, that is absolute truth

Giver of bliss, protect me.

7-Vagishvari Vagishvari

Shreeraajaraajeshvari Shankari

Aanandajanani Shivaranjani

Aanandadaayini Mam palaya

Goddess of speech,

Supreme Goddess,

Mother of bliss,

Enjoyer of bliss,

Giver of happiness, protects me.

8-Aanandini Aanandini


Aathmaswaroopini Shreeranjani

Aanandadaayini Mam palaya

Supreme bliss

Who rejoices in the forest of Srichakra

True form of athman ,rejoicer

Giver of happiness, protect me.

9-Aghanaashini Aghanaashini


Shoobhaavathi Deevi Shoobhaavathi

Aanandadaayini Mam palaya

Destroyer of evils,

Who roams in the kingdom of bliss

Goddess of wisdom

Bestower of bliss, protect me.

10-Abhayankari Abhayankari


Shaanthaswaropini Shubhashankari

Aanandadaayini Mam palaya

shuns the fear,

who is the supreme Goddess


Giver of bliss,protect me.

11-Sambhaashini Sambhaashini


Swaravaahini Deevi swaravaahini

Aanandadaayini Mam palaya

Good conversationist

Who roams in the garden of absolute

Who flows musical notations, O Goddess

God of bliss, protect me.

12-Varabhooshini Varabhooshini


Mangaladaayini Shreepadmini

Aanandadaayini Mam palaya

Decked with boons

Wonderer of the garden of Srichakra

Giver of auspiciousness dwells in the lotus

Goddesses of bliss, protect me.

Music-Lyrics And Rendered By

Chinmaya M.Rao

English Commentary written by

Neela Murthi,Bangalore



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