The Great Singer In The Field Of Sugamasangeeta “Smt Rathnamala Prakash”

Smt. Sathyavathi.R

As soon as one thinks about the world of sugama sangeeta, her songs are the ones which entraps one’s mind and heart. Even the narrator cannot stop praising her singing. As soon as she steps on the stage, the audience applause strikes the ears. There is nobody in the world who are not attracted to her songs. Such is the richness of her tone. Smt Rathnamala Prakash was the main star singer in the concerts conducted by C Ashwath and the song ‘yaava mohana murali kareyithu’of Sri Gopala Krishna Adiga reached the countries beyond India. It touched many of the hearts. It was her tone/voice that gave pride and greatness to the song.

Every household filled with the music of sapthaswara

Since her house itself is a music world, there is no question of one asking about her interest towards music. Her father was her first Guru but not an ordinary guru. He had the intention of giving tuition on music to his students that they ought to practice for certain hours and he did the same to his daughter also. This kind of effort and practice turned into a boon to Smt Rathnamala. Today she got her name imprinted in the world of music. As everyone knows and accepts that each individual will be attracted towards different skills. Though Smt Ratnamala was trained in shastriya sangeeta , she was attracted to Hindi songs. The songs sung by Smt Latha Mangeshkar and Smt Asha Bonsle was her favorite songs.

She had lots of respect and love towards her father. Rathnamala Prakash said in her own words that though her family environment was filled with sashtriya culture, her father did not stick to one type of music. He introduced her to many types of music in which she jumped on to her favorite singing and became successful.

About tone, environment

She obeyed her father’s advice and won many prizes by participating in many competitions. One of her father’s student (sishya) trained her in ‘bhavageethe’.The rich literature that she learnt from bhavageethe inspired her to move further and she dedicated herself to the field of sugama sangeetha and started her career towards the path of sugama sangeetha. After few years, she got the privilege to sing in Akashavani. In many of the programs that she participated in Akashavani, she got appreciation and was recognized by many personalities like: famous music director P Kalinga Rao, Mysore Anantha Swamy, and C Ashwath. She not only gave her tone to their music, she also participated in many programs in Akashavani sponsored by MSIL and attracted the lot. She said that she was fortune enough to participate in such programs and her songs made the audience write letters to Akashavani asking to telecast once more.

Moving into the world of cassettes

After performing on the stages for few years, cassettes starting emerging. She gave her rich tone to the title song for ‘Nithyotsava’. Then she sung for ‘Mysuru mallige’,‘Bhavasangama’,’Kengulabi’,’Navodaya’,’Vaasanthi’,’Aalingana’,Romanchana’,Premadhare’,’Shrungara’,Rathnamala part 1 2 3,’Agnihamsa’,Baravasantha’,’Bhavothsava’,’Shishunala Shareef’s songs etc. Like this she imprinted her tone in the hearts of the audience by singing one after the other.

The time of her delightment when she was invited to be a part of playback singer in movies

She had made her name in the field of Bhavageethe on one hand , on the other hand ,the field of film also recognized her talent and gave opportunity. She got the opportunity to sing the song ‘santhasa araluva samaya’ in the film Yelu suthinakote’ and was appreciated by the great singer S P Balasubramanyam and also M Ranga Rao, Rajan Nagendra, Upendra Kumar, Gunasingh, Vijayabhaskar and also got the chance to win the audience hearts through her melodious tone. Smt Rathnamala Prakash had the privilege to sing with Dr Raj Kumar in the song ‘Anuraaga’.

The path of singing of ever green singer

She is the garland of diamond to the field of sugama sangeetha. She not only became famous from Halli to Delhi, she also lit the lamp of Kannada song and has blown the trumpet of Kannada in foreign countries. She has familiarized some of the famous poet’s songs. Even today some poets talk about her on stages for she has given life to the poems and for making everyone sing their poems. She is the inspiration and a role model to many of the singers. Even today, she is continuously giving programs in almost all the countries and has inspired many.

The awards she won on famous stages

The government of Karnataka recognized her talent and honored her with ‘Rayotsava prashasthi’,’ Kannada tilaka’ and some of the organizations recognized her talent and presented her the biggest awards ’Santha Shishunala Shareefa’ award.and she received the prestigious Kendra sangeetha nataka academy award (National Award)from the president of India for her contribution and service to the field of SugamaSangeetha.

Smt Rathnamala Prakash said that the audience are her God and said the media was not prevailing at times, she said that the credit of her growing goes to the audience.

Smt. Sathyavathi.R

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