Gurupurnima On Roads!

Gurupurnima Utsav commenced at Btm layout kuvempu park this Sunday on 14 th July.It witnessed an amazingly unique presentation by Pt.Iman Das and his Omkar Music Academy students.

The concert was supported by Dr.Githa Badikilyaji of Destination Heritage, who in her speech highlighted the unique history & the backgrounds of several heritage hubs of Bangalore.

The kids from Alpine school joined hands with the junior students of Omkar Music Academy to give a beautiful performance.

The Bhairavi by the senior disciples of Pt.Iman Das resounded around the park for a long time even after it was over.

But the unique highlight of the day- long program came as a road show took place with posters & placards showing guru shlokas & bandanas across Btm layout amidst curious and appreciative onlookers.

Underprivileged kids were given clothes by Omkar trust & The Kuvempu statue was garlanded by The honourable Corporator of Btm layout & other esteemed guests. The event was beautifully hosted by RJ Jyothi.The whole event was done to raise awareness for the Guru-shishya parampara.



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