The Confluence Of Thoughts, Voice Of Bronze, And Rich In Raagas, Smt H R Leelavathi

– Smt R Sathyavathi

As Dr G S Shivarudrappa described in one of his writings which says”UDUGANAVESTITHA CHANDRASUSHOBHITHA”. When it comes to the best voice, the above described lines suits well to Smt H R Leelavathi. During the age of Gramophone and Radio, the more and more melodious voice which gave ears the treat goes to Smt H R Leelavathi. She is not only active in the field of music, but also an example of a strong person who can take challenges in life. The reason for this was, she is not only a singer, she is also a music composer, a disciplined Guru, a poetess, and a writer. Even in her age of 86, she has a disciplined way of living and a soft natured women is really appreciable.



Friend of every soul and household

She resides in Mysore. Her sweet homes name is ‘Jayalatha’. Jaya is the name of her mother and Latha is the name of the famous singer Latha Mangeshker. This tells us about how much she was inspired by her mother and the singer. She welcomes each and every student very lovingly and teaches them sangeetha and its raagas. Even today every student whether old or young respects her by standing up as she passes by.



Her steps towards learning and teaching the seven musical notes

Even today Smt H R Leelavathi is a personality of straight forwardness and is the symbol of great personality who mingles with all age groups. She addresses “Putta” to each and every child very lovingly without any discrimination, touches over his/her head and encourages them to learn the musical notes.



She did her education in Mysore University and completed her bachelor of arts. She learn’t Karnataka Sashtriya Sangeeta under her guru Vidwan Late Sri N Chenna keshavaiah, Sri D A V Krishnamachar (Padmacharan) taught her Bhaavageete, Hindi geete and bhajans. She also learn’t hindi and assamese songs from Jayaprakash Phlosh of calcutta and Debane Sharma of Guwahati. B Subba Rao of Nagpur taught her devotional songs and Hindi Varnas.



New thoughts and feelings in Radio and Dooradarshan

In Mysore Aakashavani,she became a top level music composer and started her journey presenting on the radio with her melodious voice. She grabbed the opportunity of singing Bhavageethe,Devaranaama,Vachanagalu,Jaanapada Sangeetha and fed her audience with harmonious feast.



The land mark and the journey of Bhavageethe

On world famous stages of India and all over Karnataka Smt H R Leelavathi performed and showcased her talent by singing sugama sangeetha, shashtriya sangeetha,Hindi and kannada bhavageethe. She also extended her performance to some of the places in America. She took part in singing Marati songs composed by her husband Sri G S Raghuram. The Indian government had sent the couple as the first Indian Ambassadors to witness ‘The World Kannada Sammelana’ that was held in’ Phoenix’ in the year 1998 and they spread the kannada literature.



She gave her voice in ‘Prabhu linga leele’,’Paapa-punya’,’Savitri’ and Rashtra kavi Kuvempu’s testimonial pictures. Most of the songs were composed by her and the songs like Bhaavageethe,Bhakti geethe was released in the form of cds and cassattes.She became the President of ‘Karnataka’s dance and sangeetha academy’ from 2001-2004 and also became the member of South India’s ‘sangeetha academy’ of Thanjavur.



She shined as a member of ‘state sangeetha academy’ and became the President of Sangeetha Sammelana of Chikkamangaluru organized by ‘Bengaluru sugama sangeetha Ganga Samsthe’.Karnataka’s ‘Sugama sangeetha Parishad’s sangeetha sammelana’, Final selection of voice exam in Aakashavaani, final auditions ect. She performed her duty very well and neatly. she started sugama sangeetha academy trust in the year 1985 and helped thousands of students learn sangeetha and helped them perform in Aakashavaani and Dooradarshan who later on became famous artists. This shows that she met her goalsvery successfully.



Honorary celebrations of the prestigious moments

In the year 1982, Family planning foundation of India conducted a skit competition and the play written by Smt H R Leelavathi ‘Madhu Chandra’ won the first place. The mysore Aakashavaani organized sangeetha roopaka called ‘Nisarga vandana’ and Smt H R Leelavathi won the ‘Akashavani’ state award. This shows that she is not only best in the field of singing, she is also talented in writing scripts for the play.



The books that got published written by Smt H R Leelavathi :

  • Kavana sankalana (Poetry compilation): 1) Lahari

2) Haadagi Haradala

3) Dharini

  • Makkala Kathegalu (children’s stories): 1) Somina Kathegalu – 3rd episode

2)Chikkammana Kathegalu – 2nd episode

  • Yentu Kathegalu (Eight stories): 3) Chittara Vachana Kavanagalu
  • Avadugachida Bene – navya kavanagalu
  • Sri Hari Geethe – devaranama on Sri Krishna
  • Saavirada sanchaya – Savira chaupadigalu
  • Sugama Sangeetha is one of the retrospectiveness – Writing on different types of sangeetha.
  • Sampradhayada Haadugalu.
  • Sugama Sangeetha Hejje guruthugalu.
  • Chitthabitthiya Chitragalu – Vyakthi Chitragulu.
  • Padmacharan – Vyakthi Chitrana.


This shows that she is one of the lively example/role model for ladies who can achieve many things in life. One can really admire her achievements, the awards and medals and her qualities and the titles she has earned. Some of them are as follows:

  • Karnataka Kalathilaka.
  • Rajyotasava Award.
  • Santha Shishunala Prashasthi.
  • Gaana Kala Paripoorne.
  • Gaana Sharade.
  • SugamaSangeetha Praveene.


And many more awards had reached the crown that she has put on. Recently she has been presented with Aalvaas Nudisiri Award.

Even today at the age of 86, she is very active, moving around, taking students for participation. Patience, tolerance, straight forwardness, disciplined life made her perform so well on many famous stages and occasions. We have to definitely bow to her intelligence and the memory power she has in which she immediately recognizes the song, written by – composed by – from which poetry – the lines etc.



The words of her close and favourite student Dr Rohini Mohan

Dr Rohini Says that Smt H R Leelavathi is the person of first generation in the field of Sugama Sangeetha. “Its our privilege that she is a living legend. Nobody else has the indepth knowledge of Sugama Sangeetha as she has. Even today I remember the songs thaught by her and I sing them every time. My house is filled with students and Sangeetha coaching is going on and on”.


Smt R Sathyavathi

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