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A Longest Duration Audio DVD, Sung By Chinmaya M.Rao Is Included To The WORLD RECORD

With an honor of being the longest duration audio DVD in the world, this audio DVD has included to the United Kingdom’s ‘Record Holders Republic of World Records’ :

Sagar: Sung by an young Music Director and a Singer, Chinmaya M Rao from Honagodu village near Sagar, an audio DVD named “Sri Gurusamhitaa”, has included to the United Kingdom’s ‘Record Holders Republic of World Records’. The audio was released on May 24th at Narayanaashrama in Harihara and this single DVD contains audio recording for a duration of 28 hours 8 minutes and 30 seconds, making it the longest duration audio DVD in the World.

Based on “Sri Gurusamhitaa” written by Sri Vaasudevaananda Saraswati, this holy scripture’s Anushtup Chandass has 52 chapters containing overall 6,621 Sanskrit Shlokas for which Chinmaya M.Rao has himself sung, recorded, edited and mastered the whole DVD there by managing all aspects of audio recording alone at his own small home studio at his village. Between 2010 to 2013, Chinmaya has dedicated around 2,400 hours over the span of 3 years for this audio DVD.

Originally based in Marathi Language, this holy book called Sri Gurucharitra by the poet Sri Gangaadhara Saraswati, is popular till date throughout the state of Maharashtra. Sri Gurucharitra takes the honor of being a sacred scripture after it has been the wonder and ecstasy of Sri Dattaatreya, Shreepada Shreevallabha and Shree Nrusimha Saraswathi. Having inspired by Datta, Sri Vaasudevaananda Saraswati has translated this masterpiece into Sanskrit.

Produced by Shree S. Shreedhara Murthy, a renowned astrologist in Chitradurga, this audio DVD is been presented to the world by Swaramedha International Music Academy.

Deepak Kordi (USA)


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