The Band- RaknNili has released its third Music Video

The Band- RaknNili has released its third Music VideoThe Band- RaknNili has released its third Music Video on the 1st of Feb, 2014. This time it is a Kannada- Semi Classical number shot in the scenic beaches of Mangalore- Karnataka.

The music is a blend of Various Electronic and Organic sounds, with flavors of both Hindustani and Karnatic classical music and instruments. The lyrics & music, recording, mixing, editing, grading and mastering of both the music and the video have been accomplished by Rakesh and Nilima, who form the duo.
There were various ideas shortlisted for the picturisation of the song, but finally the duo quite influenced by their home town- Mangalore, Karnataka decided to give their video, a feel of the breezy, yet sun-kissed waves and the exemplary natural beauty, the city is blessed with.

Shooting for the video was quite a roller coaster experience. This was shot in the month of September, while the Mangalore rains continued to pour strong, the scorching sun never failed to make its regular peeps. Few secluded areas of Tanneer Bhavi beach were chosen as the prime location of shoot due to their impeccable beauty and less touristy exposure. However to their surprise, it turned out to be a chosen high-tide zone welcoming a large group of fishermen with their fishing nets and tools. The fishermen who had no clue on what was being shot were quite curious and barged into most of the shots. The DSLR camera used for the shoots got carried away by the stormy waves and saving it was a mission on its own. Inspite of all the odds the team managed to conclude the shoot on a happy note.

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Brief Work History:
Their previous release was a Bollywood house Number- “Aarzoo Hai Ye Tumse (Pyar Hume adaptation)” on Youtube.
Youtube Video :

Their first Music Video- ‘Sochna Hai Kya’ was a Hindi pop number and very much appreciated by music lovers. It was also chosen by MTV India Roots and telecasted on national tele.
This Music Video is also available in Youtube, in the link below-
Video Link:

They have also composed a song for an under production Kannada Short Film- ‘MAUNA MAATHAYITHU’.
Promo Video Link:


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