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By: MAMATHA L    [email protected]

Bangalore music lovers were blessed by the shower of beautiful songs studded with rare gems and diamonds in on Sep 21st and 22nd 2019.  Abhigna School of Music organised a workshop under Sri Mahavidyalaya charitable trust titled “Rare compositions by Great Composers” by the veteran Sri Prince Rama Varma. The dream came true when Jayashree Ajaykumar, Director,Abhigna School of Music and her team created an opportunity to see, meet and learn from the Great Guru. Indeed, it was an enlightening moment to learn under his guidance. Learners of all age groups, across the city, many virtually joined across the globe through the webcast. This added a different flavour of fun, competition and challenge altogether.

On the First Day, the event began amidst high intensity with the auspicious Raga Mayamalavagowla, Kriti Mooladhara Kshetrasthitha in Sanskrit set to Rupakatala by Kallede Kuruchi Shankaranarayana Iyer was introduced with an interesting anecdote. The practice session opened toward the recognition of tempo, several techniques, leading participation as groups and individuals. Home assignments were suggested as practise exercises on the song Deva deva and associated Kalpana swaras. The first part of the session ended with a tasty refreshment break adding joy and energy to continue.

The distinctive Learning and Teaching approaches and the motivational technique made learners learn with ease and boosted the passion for music.  The plethora of learning covers the opening of the raga, exercises on Jeeva swaras, ascending and descending forms, typical phrases in different speeds, loud and soft voice practices, interpretation of lyrics to swaras kept the learners active and observant.  That similarly reflected for Sindhu Bhairavi, Desh and Bhagesree which succeeded.

The next part happened to be the most scintillating segment by a new Thillana in Raga Sindhu Bhairavi in Kannada to Aditaala. Guru narrated an experience to propose the composer SriMushnam Raja Rao, a mridangam artist, singer and a composer on Raghavendra Swamy. This has been one of the most energetic, liked, brilliant thillana. The first day ended up with humming the thillana back home.

The second day began with the buzzing of Sindhu Bhairavi again, the learners slept on it, you know, you feel the impact. This gave a strong punch to begin Raga Desh, immersing in a feeling of patriotism with the songs Vande Mataram and Mile Sur Mera Tumhara ringing in the ears. Distinctive to this we were introduced to a song on Radha in Sanskrit set to Aditaala composed by T.G. Krishna Iyer.

This was followed by a composition in Tamil by Dr T.V. Gopalakrishna in Raga Abheri set to Aditaala. Guru’s close association with him induced the real essence of the composition with a few incidents. The main aspects of this song were the practice on the loud and soft: slow and fast pace singing as it is of immense potential. The exercise included new inputs on the Raga and its equivalent in Hindustani music Raga Bhimpalas.

The final song was Parameshwara, a Ragamalika of two Ragas Bhagesree and Vakulabharana, composed by Dr Balamuralikrishna in Telugu set to Aditaala. This specifically influenced the blending beauty of the two Ragas. The exercises on the Raga Bhagesree steered us to the depth of it and experience plain Valkulabharana without gamakas.

The confluence of the Ragas and the compositions in all languages reached everyone’s hearts. The teaching methodologies and personality of Prince Rama Varma made the learning experience holistic and exceptional.

This is the Second Workshop; the First one was in May 2019. Abhigna was the first among all, to organise Webcast of the Workshop and help the learners across the globe.  With the Huge Response Received, this time also, the webcast was made available and same as the previous time, around 40 registered across the Globe.

Abhigna with the motto to promote Quality & Soulful Music , has been organising events such as Workshops by Prince Rama Varma which is proposed to happen once in 3 months, Competitions in the Name of “Geetha Mohana” which is an annual event, & “Vidruma” – A stage for Budding Artists, A monthly event.

The next workshop is scheduled on Nov 30th & Dec 1st. 2019 at Prayog Studio-Theatre, Bsk ,Bangalore & Webcast is also facilitated by Temple Sounds, Bangalore followed by A Grand Carnatic Vocal Recital by Prince Rama Varma & his Team on 7th December at the same venue and webcast is also setup . Accompanists being Violin Mastero Sri. Avaneeswaram S R Vinu & Mridangam Mastero Sri.B.Hari Kumar.

For more details contact : [email protected] or call 9844542638.

                  Varma sir with the Workshop Attendees at the Venue

Varma Sir & Team Abhigna, with Sampath Kumar Temple Sounds & Pradeep Mullur, Prayog Studio

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