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Nothing Is Impossible… Really?

Yes You Can…!

It was a line that I was hearing since my childhood… but I don’t really agree with this quote.

If Nothing is Impossible… let us see this. Is it possible for our beloved Ex-President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam to lead the Indian cricket team in the next world cup and win it once again. Or is it possible for our dynamic captain Mr. M. S. Dhoni to help INDIA build missiles that are at par with AGNI and PRITHVI… HELL NO. What I mean to say is Everything is not possible for every one in the world. At the same time Everything is not impossible for everyone in the world either… Every one can make something possible and what’s that thing depends on what one dreams of, his dogged determination and unwavering passion to make his dream real. Everyone cant become Everything but Everyone can become something. I will just explore what I think it takes for everyone to become “THE ONE” they want to be in this blog.

Catch Your Bus Before its too late

Don’t be too late to dream… Start chasing your dreams before its too late… For example If someone dreams of becoming a public servant in India after 30yrs then its too late. Ok there are exceptions to this… For Example Sidney Sheldon one of the most sold authors in history has started writing novels at the age of 50yrs, what we normal people think of at that age is about our retirement plans and to play with our grandchildren. Till then he was a script writer and director in films and on TV shows, but he had the guts to start something new at the age of 50yrs. Ok it was good that Sidney Sheldon dreamt of being a novelist at the age of 50yrs, had he dreamt of being a cricketer then it would have been impossible even to him.

So what I mean to say is we need to take the right bus at the right time. The problem with most of us is that by the time we discover where we want to be and what bus we need to catch… We are miles ahead in another bus heading somewhere else. Though we know that the bus that was meant for us is still waiting there for us to make the right choice and came back, we refuse to go back because we refuse to be overtaken by someone else in the way we are headed …. But what we don’t realize is that we are in a wrong bus heading in a completely wrong direction. What we need to realize is “Its Better Late Than NEVER”. That bus which was meant to be ours is not gonna be there forever….we need to go back and catch it before its too late. Sidney Sheldon caught it before it was too late……”So Catch your bus before its too late”

If someone has made it everyone can… because whoever has made it is just one of us

If we take the example Dr.Kiran Bedi, She was the first women in the Indian History to become an IPS officer…Being a woman has many limitations in itself…..We people are afraid allowing our sisters to go out after 9pm and there she was challenging the male Ego and performing her duties to perfection. She created history and since then history repeated itself…we have seen many more women becoming IPS officers. So once she has done it…Everyone started thinking they can do it too…..because she was just one of them…a WOMAN. I will give you a simple example from my experience, I had a friend in my school days he was good student not extraordinary but better than me then….after our Inter he was 4th ranker in the Engineering Entrance in the entire state. He was good student but none of us thought he would become that good. But what I do realise now is that he was just “ONE OF US”

Never Let Your Inferiorities Overtake Your Confidence

Never Ever let this happen. I know the effects of it because I have let this happen to me. There was a stage in my Engineering when I started believing that I can do nothing. I don’t want to get into the details but remember that “nobody can ever make you feel inferior without YOUR consent”. You are inferior only with your consent. There will be people around us who can feel superior only when you feel inferior. Don’t EVER let that happen. Be careful about what you think…because over a period of time you become what you think. If you think that you are Fit for nothing then you are and if you think that you can achieve something…over a period of time… YES YOU CAN.

Posted 19th June 2011 by  Praveen

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