Ms. Shona Gonsalves – A prolific stage performer..

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Being unique in her own way when it comes to singing and performing on stage, Shona has been one such successful artist who can keep the audience equipped in music mood. With “All India’s achievers award” in 2011 as a Best performing artist and “National Award ” in 2012, Shona is no doubt a fresh and outstanding talent who can reach to new heights in coming days.. Over to Shona..

1-Shona…how you entered music field? Can you share your journey from childhood?

I always wanted to be a singer but since I came from a middle class family I had to complete my studies and only then I was allowed by my parents to follow my dream..

2-Introduce your parents….and their cooperation to you for music and acting..
My dad was into steel business and mom was a teacher. It was my mom who believed in my dream. Her strong support has been there with me emotionally, financially and in every way possible. She also convinced my father that he should allow me to follow my dream as my dad was not in favor of me getting into entertainment.

3-How Bollywood is encouraging and entertaining new comers? Your experience regarding this as a singer and as an actress?

Bollywood is very accommodating and encouraging as there are lots of new directors, new music directors, innovative scripts and experimental sounds. Hence there is a lot of scope for new people and it’s very open and easy for new talent..:)

4-Now you are heroine in real life…when it will be in reel life? You are having any proposals for big banners’ movies?

I love my job as a singer and love the way I connect with my audience when I’m performing. I’m doing some promotional videos and some item songs as well. Just looking forward for some releases in 2013.

model-singer-shonaa_gonsalves-175-Your preference to singing or to acting? Which is comfortable for you? And if so why?

Singing is my first love and my priority… acting is just for fun.. 🙂

6-Are you interested to enter in South movies?
How you get connected with Malayalam film music? I thought you settled in Mumbai..!

model-singer-shonaa_gonsalves-2I have sung a song for my friend in south for a Malayalam film, for his name is Sunny Vishwanathan. Few friends from Mumbai recommended me to sunny and that’s how he approached me and I sang a song..

7-You are saying “Today artists are breaking mould…”, -then how you are breaking mould? How you are unique as a stage performer?

In India we have lots of amazing singers and great performers. But we do not find a blend who sings and performs as well. I guess I’m unique in that way.. I love to perform and hence been tagged as “Indian Shakira”…hahhahha

8-Share your memorable moments with great singers ( specially with Anu malik, Kailash Kher and Sunidhi Chouvan) in performance or in personal life..

With Anu Malik sir I have done too many live shows and have done lots of live shows for Abu malik (Anu sir’s elder brother) too. I guess they are one of the families in the industry who encourages new talent and gives them a platform… Kailash is a dear friend … Shaan too was a great pleasure and I thank god for giving me this opportunity to share a platform with these kinds of talent.

model-singer-shonaa_gonsalves-89-In how many countries you performed? Please share your noted abroad performances..

Have performed all over the world but my most memorable performance was for the Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2008. It was a pre-Diwali fest.. It was great.

10-Who is your favorite singer? Why? And from whom you inspired deeply in singing?
In India my favorite has been Kishore Kumar. I relate to him very well because I guess he was all in one a versatile singer-actor-performer…The best..

model-singer-shonaa_gonsalves-1911-Though you are a good stage performer till now you are not settled very well as a playback singer… why? Whats happening? Are you ready to give your vocal for south films?
That’s true. I have received “All India’s achievers award” in 2011 as a Best performing artist and “National Award ” in 2012.. Again as “Best Performing Artist” I’ve sung couple of songs for films and item songs as well.

-Chinmaya M.Rao Hongaodu, (Translated by Deepak Kordi)

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