Vyjayanthi Kashi & Prateeksha Kashi Will Present a Kuchipudi Feature Billed As CHITRA LOLITHA

As part of  Natya Olaga, organised by Jeeva Dharma Trust , Kengeri,

Smt Vyjayanthi Kashi & Prateeksha Kashi will present  a kuchipudi feature billed as CHITRA LOLITHA  on 14th May , 7 pm at ADA Ranga Mandira ,to celebrate Mothers Day.

A rear presentation by mother daughter duo .

Chitra Lolitha is all about the color RED. We wish to paint the minds of our audiences with colors and how it can be portrayed in dance

I wish to gather you into my history with a story.A story that will take you to chapters gone by into pages that will arouse your memories. A story that will truly bond you and me into us.

I am the flamboyant red sky, turning from sunrise to sunset in framing the beauty of mother earth.I am the blood dancing through your veins.I am that ism of life,

flowing within you connecting you to life seeking you to gather and gathering you to a world flooded with me and my coloury  essence.

For if you ever  pray to be a color,you would truly want to be me CHITRA LOLITHA.

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