Mamta Kumari, A Lucky Actress To Get Her First Acting Scene with the Top Star Shahrukh Khan in the Movie Zero !

Mamta Kumari, after you say her name, always immediately you can mention, that she is a dedicating “actor”.

Acting has always come naturally to Mamta even before she realised it could be a career. Being from Bihar where becoming IAS and IPS is in blood she discovered almost immediately that she is more into the road less taken by her family members. That’s why after completing her education, Mamta started pursuing her acting dream and soon she realised it wasn’t easy as it seems in the movies.

But since she absolutely loved acting, every struggle was more pushing forward than backwards. She feels that she was lucky enough to get her first acting scene with the great Mr. Shahrukh Khan in the movie Zero.

She had her first dialogue looking into her eyes. Even though the scene got edited but the experience was worth it. Mamta’s love for acting on stage was augmenting since schooling days when she first took part in fancy dress competitions and it has been there, there after and thats the reason why she jumped into theaters once she got an opportunity.

After this she was worked with different brands like BoyLondon and Dezaki. Each and every step in her career comes with its share of excitement. Even though her journey is still going on it won’t be wrong to say that she had come a long way.

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