Sathya Vagale – The Man Who Creates Glamour

He Is An Actor, Fashion And Wildlife Photographer

SATHYA VAGALE was born in Bangalore in 1950 and was educated in Delhi. He is an Architect – City Planner, holding a Post Graduate Degree from University of Delhi.

His interest in photography started during his College years. But it is only 7 years ago that he was able to pursue his passion as a fulltime ACTOR , FASHION and WILDLIFE photographer.

Sathya Vagale owns and runs a large fully-equipped air-conditioned Studio in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

As an ACTOR, he has worked in a number of Ads, a Short Movie, a TeleSerial, and has now made a debut in a Kannada feature film. He has also signed up for two other regular movies.

As a WILDLIFE Photographer, he has traveled to most forests in India, and different geographic regions such as Masai Mara in Kenya, Srilanka and the Svalbard Artic Region, near Norway.

As a FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER, he has clicked nearly 250 models/actresses/pageant-title holders in Bangalore, Singapore and Malaysia.

Sathya Vagale is highly experienced in shooting products such as jewellery, sarees etc. and portfolios based on different themes.

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