Sneha Narayan : Another Name For Depth Of Expressions & The Ability Of Performance!

Sneha Narayan is known for her brilliance in dance. Her moulded postures, attractive gestures, and powerful expressions make the difference. The poised ‘nrutta’, and the ‘abhinaya’ on stage, is a treat to the eyes to watch over.

       Sneha Narayan spent her childhood at Sagar, Shimoga District in Karnataka state, amidst the lush greens of ‘Malnad’, where the peacocks danced to the sounds of her jingling bells and the cuckoos joined their voices to her ‘sa, pa, sa’, which she started practicing at a tender age of six. Today she is a full time Bharatanatyam performer, choreographer and a teacher. Also a carnatic vocalist.

       Since her young age she has had an irrepressible fascination towards the art. The unconditional support and the continued encouragement from the parents made her to embrace the art.

       Her journey of Bharatanatyam was initiated under the able guidence of Shri G B Janardhan of “Natyataranga”, Sagar.

       Sneha managed to discover another facet of her love for the arts in the form of carnatic music under the guidance of smt Amrutha Satyanarayan of “Shri Guruguha Sangeetha Vidyalaya”.

       She ranked high in the junior and senior exams, conducted by the Karnataka secondary examination board, both in Bharatanatyam and carnatic music.

       After finishing the pu course, she moved on to Bengaluru. Blessed to have the tutelage of Shri P Praveen Kumar, the director of  “Chithkala School Of Dance”  for Bharatanatyam and Smt Kalavathi Avadhoot for Carnatic Music.

       To learn Sanskrit, the knowledge repository of the Indian heritage and culture, was another desire, and, she could fulfill the same, completing her ‘B A Sanskrit’  from the “Rastreeya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha”, Tirupati.

       Simultaneously could complete the ‘B A Music’ from “Madras university”. The journey of art was of immense pleasure to Sneha Narayan. As she could obey her inner soul insisting to take up the art forms like dance and music as her lifetime profession, she joined for ‘Masters’ degree in Bharatanatyam from Jain University, Bengaluru and came out with high acclaims. The vast and the versatile knowledge of both presentations and the technicalities that she could acquire during the course, have carved her to be an eye catching performer, to receive the admiration and applause from both the art critics and the connoisseurs.

       Presently, her depth of expressions and the ability of performance as a soloist are being honed to bloom out by the renowned Gurus Smt. B Bhanumathi and Smt. Sheela Chandrashekhar, the directors of “Nrutyakalamandiram”, Bengaluru. With the unstinted love and affection showered by the Gurus, Sneha has been able to build the structure of confidence within her on the strong pillars of rigorous training. She has been able to find her own path, which is reflected in her dance choreographies. Today, with conviction, dedication and perseverance, she has grown into one of the prime soloists among the younger generation dancers.

       The knowledge of carnatic music extends an added strength for the fine tuning of the nuances of dancing. Also she has won the hearts of music lovers with her soulful rendering in music.

       Sneha’s love for the arts is not limited to Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music. The divine drone of “Veena” and the beats of “Mrudangam” attracted her and she made them also a part of her learning. Practiced Veena under Guru Smt. Yogavandana and mrudangam under Guru Shri A V Anand, one of Bengaluru’s respected percussionists. She also has a skill of free hand drawing during free time, which is another exposure to the art.


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