Constitution or Justice!!

Hyderabad Rape-murder Case

Came across some of these tweets, and hues and cries regarding what followed the unfortunate event. I have something to say.

They plotted her flat tyre;
They raped her in the garb of helping her;
They murdered her;
They burnt her (and made her family see her in a condition that is difficult to even comprehend).

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Can you call these evils, innocents?

These elements should be driven out of the society – mercilessly. Whether through speedy court processes or through any other legal means.

Needless to say, I do respect the constitution and its supremacy. But can it equally make its citizens helpless when these elements can do whatever they want and still get away with it either due to long drawn legal processes or inappropriate punishments? And particularly when these events keep happening around us, over and over and over? Are they not in the first place taking the constitution for a ride?

I stand with Telangana police. They killed and threw away these wastes, like they deserved. They tried to snatch the weapons from the police to harm them and run away. What do you expect in return from police?

And after all this, you are crying foul play and human rights and violation of constitution!? Bhesh! You are something different.

I also find it difficult to understand this – Do you fundamentally respect the police, their jobs and lives?
Do you respect the legal protections that they have under the very same constitution?
Or did you see what happened there? When they can plot around her for so many hours for what they did, would they hesitate to harm / kill the police and run away (Just thinking logically, I know it is difficult for you to understand logic).

Have you ever imagined what she and her family would have gone through and are still going through? I do not want to say that you should be in that place to experience it and understand what it is.

I wonder what are your hearts made of!?

When there are some deficiencies in our laws, we should seek to fill it with appropriate amends. And not just stick to the laws of yesteryears when the fabric of the society was way different than what it is today.

Anyways, may god bless your ignorance and whatever else it is that you are like this! And yes, do not forget to stay safe!

manjunath hegde



Manjunath Hegde

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