The One Who Saw A “New Ray Of Hope” In Life Is  Dr. Smt. Hemalatha Murthy


Smt .Sathyavathi.R.

Any individual can definitely change his personality, if he is honest, shows interest with dedication. If he/ she practices the same in his life and works towards his goal, he can achieve 100% success. Speaking about a women in this context who works hard in the society to live her living and playing different roles, at the same time chooses her work towards her goal, one could say that she will never see failure at all. One of the example to the above mentioned sentence is none other than Smt Hemalata Murthy.


The path she grew playfully ..

She was born and brought up in ‘The Garden City’ Bengaluru. She is the only lovely daughter to the couple Shree Srinivasa Murthy and Smt Kala Murthy. It is usual that any parent will have high expectations about their child. In the same way Smt Hemalatha’s parents had a great zeal to make her a doctor. But Smt Hemalatha dreamt about obtaining a ‘Doctorate’ though she did not become a doctor. In order to reach her goal, she started her education in the path of her objective. When she was a student, she always stood first in studies and never let her position to anyone.


As there is a saying that ‘to achieve a successful life, there is no age limit’. She in her early years showed her talent and shined to become an example to the youth. In the beginning of her early years, she showed interest in the field of sangeetha. She learnt to play the instrument ‘Veena’ under Smt Chudamani and with her influence, she became well versed in playing veena ,in the mean time she also learnt dance under Smt Sudha Murthy. Smt Hemalatha leant so proficiently, she started giving performances on famous stages.



After obtaining her Doctorate, the general question that arises….

She started her journey towards her goal and completed her MSc in Microbiology, stepped forward in the field of education to take a turning point. In order to gain some more knowledge, she sacrificed herself to the field of research in which she dedicated herself with the support and guidance of Dr Ramanath. In the 17th century, many great personalities had researched in the field of Microbiology and had recorded their views. In 1632, Dutch scientist ‘Antonie van leeuwenhoek’, Italy scientist ‘Lazaro pellegrini’ and Netherland scientist ‘Martinus Beijerinck’ and many more researchers had gifted their discoveries to the world.



The way the guidance she got from other researchers and become successful…

Smt Hemalatha Murthy, a woman from Karnataka had vested her whole and sole in the field of research in Microbiology that which is not so easy. Without giving up her efforts, with the help and guidance of some of the experienced researchers, she imprinted her name in the book of researchers by obtaining the title ‘Doctorate’ which is a great honor to our state.



After obtaining the title, she is not the woman who could sit quietly. She inspired and motivated herself to go on with one more research and this time she selected ‘Tomato’ which falls under fruit and also vegetable for research. This shows that a woman though she is an achiever in many fields, she is always a bread earner and cooks for her loved ones. In her words, she says ‘who does not know ‘tomato’’.



Research on all time favorite tomato..

Tomato is favorite for many food lovers. But there was a debate on tomato for many years on whether it is a fruit or vegetable. Any vegetable for that matter has many medicinal values in it. But scientists are the one who researches on it to know the benefit of that particular vegetable and the type of medicine it has.


Though Smt Hemalatha Murthy researched in microbiology and achieved PhD, she stepped forward to research on ‘tomato’. The discoveries that she brought out after the research are:


Tomato is rich in vitamins A, C and K. It is very helpful for heart patients and reduces pain and inflammation in cancer patients. As many universities had given their views that, tomato helps in reducing weight and is useful in many skin diseases, many of them are the living examples of eating tomato and staying fit and energetic.


Like this Smt Hemalatha Murthy obtained her PhD in Microbiology, researched on tomato and with the guidance of some of the experienced researchers, she had written a composition and achieved one more PhD and won the feeling of satisfaction. ‘Tomato’ being her subject of research, she did not stop to that. She started thinking on how to increase the shelf life of tomato unlike any other vegetable. On questioning to herself about this, and asking to herself whether she can prove this to other researchers, she researched on how to do the procedures that fits the Indian environment and preserve tomatoes. She came out with an answer that ‘Tomato’ being a vegetable in the form of fruit, it is not possible to preserve it for many days. The very idea about researching on the shelf life of tomato is the concern she had towards the farmers who can expect more earning. She said that if it helps people, she would be satisfied.


On the values of education, she articulated on ‘the consequence of cyber on children’ in schools and colleges not only in India but also in countries like Srilanka, Kaulalampur and Thailand. ‘Central Education Board’ observed her legacy that she had contributed to the field of education and itself came forward to influence ‘Abdul Kalam University’ and awarded her with ‘honorable Doctorate’. Smt Hemalatha Murthy who said that the moment is like she is on the top of the world, also served as a Principal of M S Ramaiah College in the year 2009.


Seminar on debate in foreign countries..

She participated in the ceremony that took place in London and was awarded ‘Doctorate’ by the country’s Prime minister, Education minister and the Chancellor of the university for her contribution towards education and for bringing out the written composition successfully. Like this she participated in several activities and as she turned back the pages of her achievements, she was further inspired and she had one more big dream.



Towards the fulfillment of her dreams…

She thought of bringing up the women of the backward community by giving them the leadership skills and build confidence in them and thought that she should work towards it. Like this Smt Hemalatha Murthy strived hard in her life and achieved many things to become a role model to the next generation. Let us wish her that ‘may God bless her with good health and further guide many who would like to go on her path’.


Smt .Sathyavathi.R.

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