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First Award to Best Nikki Galrani !

first-award-to-best-nikki-galrani-3NIKITA GALRANI Bangalore started her career as a model about 6 months back, She had the honor of doing some quality work and being associated with some very prestigious brands. Some of the brands that Nikki had the opportunity to work with include, Fastrack, Kalyan Jewels, Sprite, Pothys Silk and Mine jewelers (Malabar group),avt tea,reliance etc etc…

On 18th October, 2012, Nikki was honored to receive the award for ‘Arch of excellence’ in the category of Modeling for her accomplishments and individual excellence on the occasion of the 69th National Seminar on “Individual Achievements & Nation Building” by the All India Achievers Conference.

first-award-to-best-nikki-galrani-2I will remember for the rest of my life-Nikita Galrani (Nikki)
Its my first award…This is a moment of great excitement and honor for me. Considering I started my career just 6 months back, I am really glad that my hard work and talent are being appreciated and noticed by people. It has been a very interesting journey so far and I have been grateful to every assignment that come my way…:)
I would take this opportunity to offer my gratitude to The All India Achievers Conference for presenting me with the award for ‘Arch of Excellence’ in the category of Modeling . This is a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life with great fondness.

first-award-to-best-nikki-galrani-1KANNADA TIMES NEWS-20-10-2012

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