Charming CHARULATHA Added More Brightness To Kannada Industry

artile-and-interview-of-south-actress-charulatha-8Starting her journey at up north on Punjab, this actress with a charming smile laid a strong foundation for her on screen career in God’s own country, Kerala. Over to Charulatha, the Ujala girl who added more brightness to the Kannada industry with her outstanding performance through  some renowned Kannada movies…

1-You are from ? About your Childhood days…

 I’m from Punjab.Was settled in Kerala for some time was brought up there.

2-Your original name itself CHAARULATHA Or screen name only?

Chaarulatha is my screen name. Real name is Sonia.

-Why you changed name for screen and who given name as Chaarulatha..?

V Manohar changed my name as he felt Sonia is a North Indian name he wanted a traditional name and that’s how he changed Sonia to Chaarulatha.

3-Actually what you studied …and how you entered to film filed? Is it was your dream…or not?

Couldn’t complete my graduation. Started modeling at young age

It was a dream initially which is now my passion and I love it.

artile-and-interview-of-south-actress-charulatha-44-Who inspired you to become an actress?

My parents, specially my mom who is my role model.

5-Your first experience in front of camera?

Ujala add which I did in Kerala.That add changed my life.

6-When you entered to film industry how it was supported?

 I was very lucky to get a good film in Kannada. O Mallige.

The people of Karnataka accepted me as NAMMA CHARULATHA.

My mother, my director and Co actors all encouraged and supported me.

-How Sai Prakash and V.Manohar supported you? Some good memories with them..

V Manohar supported me a lot during the shoot of O Mallige he used to guide me on certain scenes and since I didn’t know Kanaada he never made me feel nervous and was very patient with me..

Sai Prakash is a wonderful director to work with.

He makes the artist so relaxed and we don’t even know when the shoot gets over..

artile-and-interview-of-south-actress-charulatha-107-Your most good and most bad experience in film industry?

By God’s grace I’ve had only good experience in the industry.

I would like to mention about my favorite film O Mallige why be I was a baby in Kannada industry didn’t know the language nor people but the love and support which I received during the making of the film and after the release was a good experience.

8- Are you learned in theater or experienced in modeling filed?

I started my carrier trough modeling.

9-Which role given you more satisfaction while acting? 

    Omg ! Lots off..

    Oh mallige


    Jodi hakki


    All these roles were very different and challenging.

artile-and-interview-of-south-actress-charulatha-510-Today glamour is first and acting skill is next..are you agreeing this statement? Any actress can become star in a day by exposing more…is it correct? What you say…about this? You belong to which category?  

 I believe it’s a combination of both Beauty and talent!

     An actress can look beautiful in a cotton saree too.

     Not necessary she has to expose to look beautiful.

     Glamour is like icing in the cake.

     You need both

11-Your future plans and goals? Are you interested to do any other activities in film land except direction and production?

I would love to go behind the camera and produce good  films.

12-You are getting huge payment? Or producer, director and concept friendly artist? 

Means…how you satisfied? by good concept films or only by money?……………

My first priority is good concept films.

   My role should be good.

   I don’t want do a film just for money.

artile-and-interview-of-south-actress-charulatha-213-How you learn dance? Classical or western? 

     I’ve learnt dance in films.

14- Whats your opinion about expose?

Hmmmm..exposing is fine as long as it doesn’t look vulgar..

15- Are you ready to do in ITEM SONGS?

    I would love to…

16-I think God has given you a gift …that your age is paused by him…! What’s the secret hidden in it? You are evergreen beauty…! How…?!

    The secret is between god and me ;-)

    I’ve been blessed by my parents and I’m lucky.

    That’s the secret..!

17-Why you taken big gap in industry specially in Kannada…(or in other too? ) ?

    I shifted to Delhi and focused some time on business.

artile-and-interview-of-south-actress-charulatha-318-Memorable moments…

     My first add.

     My first film O Mallige.

19-About your upcoming projects…


20-About your family…

    Dad is settled in us.

    Mom is with me.

    My sister is settled in UAE with family.

artile-and-interview-of-south-actress-charulatha-621-About your fans…!

    My fans they are like oxygen to me.

    Be of there love and support I’ve come so far and this field.

     And I love them and thank my fans for accepting me as there   Charulatha


ACTER- Amitabh bachan,srk,Salman khan

ACTRESS- Sreenivas,rekha,madhuri

DIRECTOR- Sanjay leela bansali, Sai Prakash ji, V .Manohar,D Rajendra Babu

FILM- O Mallige


SINGER- Arjit singh

SONG-  Tum hi ho (ashiqui2)

PLACE- Maldives

COLOUR- black

FOOD- Rajma,Chicken chetinad,


IDEAL PERSON- My parents,

why because they give me life,

brought me up and made me a strong person…


POLITICIAN- Narendra Modi ji

DANCER- Hrithik roshan

artile-and-interview-of-south-actress-charulatha-723-List all the awards you taken till now

      Abhipraya award. New face Kannada.

      Aryabatha award.  O Mallege film.

      Madras cine fans association award.  New face Tamil.

KANNADA TIMES (5-7-2015)


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