Chinmaya Rao Musical First Movie AGAMYA Audio Released

Agamya Front Cover‘Agamya’ Kannada cinema with two songs for silver screen and three songs for audio CD has the support of Siddaramaiah as main producer and 60 others investing a few thousands. All of them are friends of director Umesh Gowda. Giving a suspense thriller filled with horror is the concept of first time director Umesh Gowda that held audio release on Wednesday night in the presence of good attendance.

Umesh Gowda looking very confident on his task of completion of the film urged for the television channel support to buy the rights of newcomers. Umesh Gowda has penned the story and screenplay for ‘Agamya’ that focus on the ‘Fear’ in everyone. Six youths come to a forest place and one by one go missing is explained in the gripping style.

From basic album to Kannada cinema Chinmaya M Rao hailing from Shimoga district says it is tough to prove with only two songs in a film.

AGAMYA-KANNADA MOVIE SONG-CD-BACKRender of last resort to newcomers Lahari Recording Company proprietor Velu looking at the caption of ‘Agamya’ – face the fear said one has to do it in this industry to get along. Whether industry support the newcomers or not the media always recognizes good work done informed Lahari Velu.

Vihan Gowda, Ajith Jairaj (son of MP Jairaj), Kiran Gowda, Vidyashanker, Disha Poovaiah, Pavithra, Gowda, Sooryakala, Pallavi, Mimicry Gopi are in the cast. Anand is the cameraman of this Akshara Cine creations ‘Agamya’.

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