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OPPORTUNITY-6 : In 2016, Kannada Upcoming Actress Shubha Raksha Got Chance through Eye Dreams for the Lead Actress Role of Kannada Movie Mookavismitha

In 2016, Chinmaya Rao, the founder of Kannada Times NGO/Eye Dreams Promotions, was doing Music Direction for the Concept based Kannada Movie Mookavismitha. Then the Director Gurudath and his team was searching very talented upcoming Kannada actress.

Then, Chinmaya Rao suggested Shubha Raksha, who was from a village of Hasan District, who was started acting in few Kannada Movies. Through this movie her career lifted to another step.

Mookavismitha was more than just a film. It was a result of the director’s creative vision, to bring forth the essence of playwright, T.P. Kailasam’s work and entertain the audience with an engaging plot. Moviwe was released in May, 2019



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