Few Important Informations Regarding Cancer Cure Medicine

If you are a cancer patient, care giver or survivor, I recommend you to go through a book titled Anti Cancer: A New Way of Life. This book is available on Amazon India with free delivery and cash on delivery option. The cost is only Rs. 270. This book will help you to understand the importance of diet in fight against cancer. It will immensely help you to learn about everything you eat in tackling the monster disease. Click this link http://goo.gl/rUvHtv


How to reach Narasipura

First you are required to come to Bangalore. From there take bus to Shimoga. You will find many buses. After that, you need to travel to Anandapura, which is 50 km away from Shimoga. Ask anyone in Anandapura about Narasipura. By the way, it is 8 km away from Anandapura on the same road (an Indian Oil Petrol pump will be a landmark). You can also reach Shimoga by train from bus.

Dr. Narayana Murthy Treatments

Apart from cancer, Dr. Vidya Narayana Murthy also gives treatment to heart, kidney and diabetes patients. However, he is famous throughout India for giving stunning results as far as cancer is concerned.

Source : https://ipious.blogspot.in/2014/09/dr-narayana-murthy-cancer-treatment.html?m=0

For any kind of information and details about medicines from Dr. Narayana murthy and availability please contact to +91 7026754951.
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  1. My mother is suffering from Cancer. I am planning to visit to Dr. NarayanaMurthy sir on coming Sunday i.e 1st October 2017. Cansome please confirm if he is available.I am asking because of Festive season.

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