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ALBUM-13-375 PHOTOS OF KELADI TEMPLE-Photography By Dr.Chinmaya Rao

Clicked on April 27th 2017 by Chinmaya M.Rao

Keladi is a temple and historical town located near Sagar in Shimoga district of Karnataka.
Keladi was once the capital of the Keladi rulers also called as Keladi Nayakas, a feudatory of Vijayanagara Empire. After the breakdown of Vijayanagara Empire in the Battle of Talikota, the Keladi Nayakas formed an independent kingdom and it remained until it was captured by Hyder Ali.

Shivappa Nayaka and Chennamma were the rulers of Keladi kingdom.

The main attraction of Keladi is Rameshwara Temple which is constructed in the Hoysala-Dravida style.

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