Here is Why You Should Visit Shri Durgaamba Temple Atleast Once

02-FRONT HEADINGChinmaya M.Rao

(Traslated to English By Deepak Koradi)

It is a different kind of a pleasing experience to visit new places. It is true that God is omnipresent. However, it is altogether a different feel you get in temple than at home. That too a temple situated amidst nature should be called a heaven on earth. No doubt you feel like going to such place very often. Here are the details of one such beautiful place which you may want to visit again and again..

01-FRONT VIEWTemple – Intro:

In between the dense forests of Western Ghats is this place ‘Vaddalli’ (in local rural language) which is just 8 kms away from Sagar in Shimoga district. This place is also called Varadahalli or Varadapura. Goddess Durgaamba is been established by Bhagavaan Vyaasa at this place and till today she is been believed to protect the people and fulfill all their wishes.

There are not enough words to describe the purity of this place and how much ever we explain, it seems less. Nature herself has been situated here in the form of a goddess. Every single grain of the soil in this land is filled with her power. Historical background has provided a golden boundary for the geographical situation of this place.


Since Goddess Durgaamba kicked the demon Mahishaasura at this place, it is been called Vaddalli in local rural language. And the same goddess is believed to be situated here to eagerly fulfill her devotees’ wishes. Because of its historical background and purity added by the goddess, it has a specialty of also being the meditating place of Shri Shreedhara Swamiji who, belong to the Datta tradition, has been the next link and ambassador for Shri Raamadaasa and also being believed to be the walking god. And because of this specialty, this place shares similar feel of the combination of Ganga-Yamuna, Tunga-Bhadra. Since, Shri Shreedhara swamiji’s internal feel and strong vision chose this place for his achievements, this place hence becomes even more famous and powerful.

His Holiness Shri Shreedhara Swamiji, along with several other saints, came here, did several devotional rituals and performed Ashtabandha for Shri Durga Devi. And because of him this place has been noticed by the whole world. People here believe that because of his utmost devotion towards Shri Durga Devi, Shri Shreedhara Swamiji chose this place for enlightenment and nirvana.

04-SHRIDHARA SIMHAASANA-1Shreedhara Simhaasana:

As soon as we enter the temple premises, we will be attracted by the Royal chair of his holiness Shri Shreedhara Swamiji on the left side of the temple. He has most of his religious talks sitting on this chair. This is also been known as the ‘Utsava Katte’ or ‘Shreedhara Pravachana

Saaligraama Statue of the Goddess:

Being in the pose of stamping the cruel demon, the statue of the goddess is been made of Saaligraama stone. Hence,as mentioned by the main Archak Shridhar Bhat, it is believed that the power of lord Vishnu is also situated here. Anyone who does not believe in god would start adapting devotion in their lives if one watches the Devi statue decorated with silver plating on special occasions like Navaraatri.

07-VYAASA TEERTHA okVyaasa Theertha:

Behind and at the corner of the main hall is the Vyaasa Theertha and Ahnika Theertha which is very attractive. Resembling a small pond with tiny fishes this is a major attraction for kids to enjoy.


06-VYAASA GUHEVyaasa Guhe (cave):

Besides the main kitchen, behind the temple, is the Vyaasa cave where is believed that Vyaasa Maharshi had been meditating at this place. Now we can only see the left overs of this place. It is also believed that Shri Shreedhara Swamiji used to go to Kashi thru this secret route.


Devi Theertha, which originates from the top of the hill behind the temple, gets accumulated at the small pond besides the temple. This water is believed to cure many of the physical / mental problems if one consumes this.

021-RAMA TEMPLEShri Raama temple of Yati Tradition:

It is believed that, long back there was a ‘Matha’ at his place. And the Raama temple, established by the Yati (saint) of that Matha, is still being performed with pooja and other rituals.

015-NAAGA BANANaaga Bana:

On the hill behind the temple is the ‘Nagabana’ (Snake Park) which is established by Shreedhara swamiji himself. He is believed to have prayed god by telling “Please protect and fulfill all the wishes of the devotees’ who come at this place, same way as you do that the Shri ksethra Subramanya”. Hence devotees would still come here and pray the lord Nagadeva to fulfill their wishes.

Since the pooja is done 3 times a day here, as per devotees requests Devi Paaraayana and Chandika havanas are also performed here. You can be a donator for the regular food service that happens here. Let you experience the enormous power located at this place. Let the goddess Durga protect you.

Please contact the temple office for more details – 08183 236145

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