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A Bird Eye View Of Our First Editorial

Let, we Kannadigas fulfill the meaning of Vishwa Manava

Dear Kannadigas …
Kannada Times …. are you just wondering why there is a blend of Kannada and English words?  Well, that is the reality in trend! It is the situation and mindset of Kannadigas.  We are not taking up either Kannada or English completely.  We are vacillating between two shores of language in a confusion.  But anyhow our land, culture, language are divine to us.  Before we cut down the chain of Kannada culture and embrace foreign culture let us hear our potential.  But we should be unbiased and accept the universal language, English.  We should not have pretension or arrogance, but we should have love and affection towards Kannada in our soul.  We should not have the notion that Kannada is the only best and all others are despicable or insignificant, let Kannada only be here, others should not.

Today we should be aware of the fact that we can’t implement Kannada completely everywhere.  We are in a state that it is impractical to adopt Kannada as ubiquitous in this age of globalization and commercialization. But we should have the capability and willingness to handle this transition period.  Because of the ever before challenge – the Global Village concept – we Kannadigas need to transact with people of different languages all over the world.  So the universal language English is really needed.  But this does not mean that we should forget our language and glorify English.  We should be able to use English whenever required and at the same time make others learn Kannada by making them understand its beauty.  Let our mind work towards such a condition.

Similarly in the title “Kannada Times”, “Kannada” is first and “Times” is next.  In this title English word “Times” makes the English people and Kannadigas who are crazy about English to think about Kannada.  The motto of this magazine is to remind Kannada to Kannadigas who have forgotten Kannada and to attract non-Kannadigas towards Kannada.  The title is not mere combination of two words of Kannada and English, but it exhibits profound feelings behind it.

Along with the basic consideration towards Kannada, the next step is to give proper attention to Kannada literature.  This should be done by all of us, particularly by young generation.  We should be indebted to the language which comes along with birth for sharing our feelings.  “Kannada Times” is a trimonthly medium aiming to become a friendly bridge in this continuous effort.  This is a medium aiming to bring Kannadigas nearer.  This is a banquet to enhance the interest about Kannada literature. We would like to portrait the articles of many facets from senior and junior writers, poetry, cinema, religious, tourism, folk, history, current affairs and discussion over hot topics.  All this and much more we want to present in Kannada Times.

This magazine will be the voice of society, not of an individual or not to write for enmity against anyone.  Kannada Times is not money minded by selling its values which spoils social health.  This magazine is not produced for any challenge or against anybody.  Instead it loves them who hate this also.  Nothing can be achieved through hatred.  Through love only we can conquer the world.  That is the quality of Kannadigas.  Let us fulfill and make meaningful the words of Kuvempu “Vishwa Manava”.

(This first Kannada editorial
translated to English
By Deepak Kordi)

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