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Eleonora Hertenstein

Federal Diploma in Education

Health insurance recognized:

Member of the Swiss Yoga Association

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I am  fascinated by man and mysticism, striving for inner freedom and authentic expression. I have always been a man of movement. While my training as a contemporary dancer in Switzerland, Florence and San Francisco, I had the first yoga classes. After a wild lifestyle and traveling to India, I have found an oasis of inner peace and joy in yoga. For me, yoga means harmonizing the body, the mind and the soul and living it consciously and happily.

In April 2008, I successfully completed the 4 year apprenticeship at Yogalehrerin and Swiss Diploma in Education at the Yoga  Villeret. For over 10 years, I have been teaching yoga, dynamic and demanding Hatha Yoga Flow in Zurich.

2013 I have learned Thai Yoga Massage from the Master Krishna  Takis and have been developing continuously since then.

My yoga classes and massages take place in the beautiful yoga oasis Serratus  in the middle of Kreis 4 in Zurich and yoga on the river in Kreis 5. Through ongoing further education and deepening my long-term practice, I have found my intuitive style. I teach in German and English.




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