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Come.. Let’s Put Our Hands Together To Save The Talents !

06 Chinmaya Rao PublisherDear all, it is really a happy moment to see the prosperous growth of our Indian film industry today. Most of the creative people among us are working hard to take this prosperity still further. And because of this, movie goers / lovers around the world are enjoying Indian cinemas and are gaining knowledge out of these, apart from entertainment. However, it has been quite challenging for the creative people who want to get involved in the production or other aspects of movie making and they are facing failures in the initial stages too. Enormous talented people feel it is difficult to earn their daily bread out of this industry and hence have stepped back from the industry and are working in several other fields to make their living. It won’t be wrong to say that the industry is at a loss because of this. However, you can still see good examples of few people who have been getting the best out of the talents in the industry and thereby becoming role models to others. Keeping them as the motive, it is the sole intent of ‘CHINMAYA RAO PRODUCTIONS’ to consider only the talent and knowledge of the people and thereby be successful in cinema production.

Here there will be continuous opportunities for all those humble directors, artists and technicians who would want to fulfill their achievements step by step. Come.. Let’s put our hands together to save the talents and help them grow.

With love,

Dr. Chinmaya M. Rao

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